the heart of Transport Logistica.

Constantly on the move

An integral part of our corporate DNA, our staff is fully committed to what we do. It takes a fully qualified and highly-motivated team to keep so many different vehicles running on the road, 24/7. No matter in which department, each member of the team is motivated by customer satisfaction. That’s what drives us!

Team spirit

We’re a dynamic, solutions-oriented team of young people where innovation and personal initiative is seen as an asset. Mutual respect and support are important values to us, and effective teamwork is at the heart of our corporate ethos. Our non-hierarchical structure encourages the timeous airing of any personal concerns.

Further training and professional development

To maintain our top-level professional standing and high level of expertise, we need to adapt to fast-changing conditions. For the company to grow, our staff needs ongoing training, which falls under the responsibility of our HR Department.

Sustainability and work conditions

At Transport Logistica, we see sustainability not just in terms of our vehicles and services. To us, effective resource-management is a core value, beginning with our employees. We strive to create a pleasant and inspiring work atmosphere, investing in the well-being of all our staff members.

Company Canteen

Working in the transport industry, we understand the importance of regular “Pit Stops”. Our inhouse “Raststätte” canteen is where members of our staff informally exchange ideas, or just meet for coffee. During the lunch break, it offers a daily menu of freshly made regional platters with local ingredients. An assortment of fresh fruit, beverages, bottled water, and coffees are also available.

Joining the Transport Logistica Team

Heavy transport vehicles/trailer service mechanic

Location: Transport Logistica GmbH Brennersee (A)


  • In-house maintenance of our truck/trailer fleet
  • Tyre changes, lightbulb changes, tarpaulin maintenance, etc.
  • Repairs of accident damage
  • Preparing vehicles for the annual general inspection

Applicant Requirements:

  • Qualified motor vehicle mechanic

  • Several years of professional experience in the field of motor vehicle repairs

  • Familiarity with the use of computerised diagnostic systems

  • Flexibility and understanding of team work

  • Hands-on mentality

In return, you receive a solid, “crisis-proof” position, with free board and lodging, as well as a performance-related salary.

We look forward to receiving your application. Send us your CV.

We are always open to new applicants. Just email your job enquiry and CV to: jobs@translog.com

Having the freedom to make independent decisions as well as someone to assist with any problems I might have, gives me work security. The fact that I’m supported by a dynamic company as well as my colleagues, means that I can continue to develop here.

Julia: Dispatcher

Working as a member of a professional team that uses the latest technologies helps to motivate me every day. We also maintain a collegial relationship with management. Being able to meet up with my colleagues at the company canteen allows us to bond even outside working hours.

Jürgen: Dispatcher

I’m a practical and independent kind of person, and I’m glad these qualities are appreciated here. Working at Transport Logistica allows me to develop as I wish, and I receive fair pay. Respect and honesty matter to me, and these are values that we all share here at Transport Logistica.

Willi: Cook, sundry jobs

Trucks are my passion, and everything from wheels to electronics interest me. Working on such a high-tech fleet of vehicles demands considerable versatility, which keeps me on my toes. The house canteen, friendly atmosphere, and fair pay all contribute to making Transport Logistica an ideal company to work for. At least, as far as I’m concerned.

Klaus: Mechanic