The automotive industry is currently in a state of upheaval. The sector is in a state of transformation, with the emphasis on carbon reduction and environmentally sustainable production processes. Assisted by computer-software, our flexible integrated transport system offers clients seamless and sustainable supply chain solutions. Just-in-time deliveries are one of the main service requirements in the automotive sector, which we provide to various vehicle manufacturers.

Our services: a competitive advantage

Vehicle fleet

  • EURO 6 motor vehicles guarantee the highest level of heavy transport eco-sustainability

Permits & Authorisations

  • Permanent permits for the transport of self-propelled vehicles having a total weight of 72 tonnes
  • Our own internal certifications department is responsible for reliable and timely route authorisation

Expertise and experience

  • Ongoing cooperation with several leading vehicle manufacturers
  • Fulfilling the requirements of "just-in-time" solutions to vehicle manufacturers
  • Our team of qualified/specialised drivers undertake loading/unloading operations

Many sectors, one mission!

Each industry has its own special requirements, which places particular demands on a transport and logistics partner. Our customised solutions for all sectors often make the impossible possible.

Wood and construction

Our new fleet of low-emission EURO 6 motor vehicles operate on the long-haul transport routes covered in the timber and construction industry.

Steel and Metals

We can meet the challenges of transporting outsize heavy metal freight consignments.

Industrial plants

Thanks to many years of experience, we know how to efficiently transport entire industrial plants, with all the safeguards in place.

Heavy Vehicles and Con­struction

Transporting oversized heavy vehicles and construction equipment involves a high level of preplanning and precision.

Wind energy

When providing end-to-end solutions for the handling of bulky wind power equipment, our high-tech capabilities and warehousing spaces are used to the best advantage.

Oil and Gas

The complex requirements of this industry often calls for creative transport solutions. Our challenges encompass everything from relocating industrial pipelines to entire oil refineries.

Paper Industry

High carrier volumes as well as large fluctuations in demand call for considerable flexibility. Our bandwidth ranges from manufacturing machinery to all kinds of bulk end-products.

Defence and military

The military sector poses land carriers with real challenges. We can handle various kinds of special cargo, from military vehicles to tanks, to missiles, delivering them safely to the destination.


As a reliable partner to the railway industry for 50 years, our large truck and trailer fleet is adaptable to the specific requirements of this sector.

Agricultural machines

The transport of agricultural machinery often requires customised solutions.From planning to delivery, we ensure that your agricultural machinery of all kinds reaches its destination safely.

Your freight: our responsibility. We welcome your enquiry.